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about little way farm 

Our family farms are located in the small country towns of Rockdale and Montgomery, Texas where the gulf coast praries meet the south central  floodplains and flatwoods.  Together, we have centered our family farm life around Devon.
Our herd is 100% grassfed...
...unless it is attached to a stem and rooted in the ground, our herd has never consumed a single grain.  Our pastures are multi-floral salad of non-GMO, open pollinated, summer and winter grasses, legumes, and broadleafs available year-round in our southeast Texas climate.  We do not use any herbicides! Warm season grasses include bahaia, dallis, bluestem, kleingrass, ball clover, johnson, vetch, and coastal and common bermuda, among others. Winter seed includes a mix of oats, ryegrass, white clover, wheat, winter peas, ceral rye, crimson clover, and native winter grasses.  
purebred red devon cattle for sale
100% grass fed red devon cattle for sale
naturally bred, calved, weaned... ensure genetics are sustainable.  All our breeding is natural - no hormones or artificial insemination.  All calving is unassisted - otherwise momma finds her way tot the dinner table!  Mommas raise and wean calves naturally.
Our herd thrives with no vaccines, hormones, pesticides, insecticides, dewormers, antibiotics, herbicides, or any other chemicals.  Our 30 acre farm is divided into ~50 pastures and the herd is rotated daily to improve pastures, retain moisture, and maintain healthier herd.  We use 100% natural apple cider vinegar and shaklee's soap to water source helps maintain excellent pH balance in our herd's rumens, and we offer free choice of natural salt and minerals.
Our guarantee...
Our female red devons will exhibit...
  • excellent fertility (year-on-year, unassisted calving)
  • high in butterfat (excellent udders & escutcheon)
  • superior yield (ideal linear measurements)
  • carcass quality (choice plus to prime grade on grass)
Our male seedstock bulls will be...
  • prepotent (genetically dense, will stamp offspring)
  • efficient (excellent yield & carcass quality on grass)
  • docile (routinely handled by children, unsupervized)
  • fertile (high testosterone characteristics, perfect testicular conformation, live sperm mobility >95%)
100% grass fed red devon cattle for sale
Little Way Farm Red Devons
More tips on improving any herd...
Check out avaible resources organized on this Red Devon USA web page.
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