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why Devon?

red devon cattle for sale
Genetic Purity & Prepotency  
It's not the breed, rather the breeding.  An average-quality herd of any respectable breed can be developed into a high-quality herd that possesses excellent grass conversion efficiency, carcass quality, fertility, and temperament.    
Generations of aggressive culling and selective breeding will not only achieve desired traits, but also concentrate genetic density to guarantee consistency of genetic influence over offspring.  
By choosing the Devon, you are getting a head start by leveraging one of the purest, most concentrated, genetic base breeds available ... devoid of genetic regression and genetic dilution from recent fads.
Think beyond weaning weights.  Think more with less.
Devon bulls effectively & consistently stamp their proginy with excellent grass conversion efficiency with low inputs. ADG's of >3 for bulls and >2 for calves are common on grass alone. This is one of many traits that stem from efficient genetics that deliver more with less across the spectrum:
+ More natural resistance & longer lives.  Less treatment.
+ More milk butterfat & premium cuts.  Less energy input.
+ More docile disposition.  Less stress.
+ More fertility & calf production.  Less open cows.
+ More natural calving.  Less birth assistance & mortality.
+ More adaptable to heat & cold. Thickest hides of all breeds.
red devon cattle for sale
Tender Flavorful Beef
The Red Devon breed is recognized worldwide for producing amongst the finest beef on pasture alone.  More than 95% of Devon carcasses evaluated in this country meet or exceed the expectations of the most stringest beef retailers. 
The breed has retained proportional frames with fine bones that produce greater volumes of premium cuts and tender steaks... on grass alone.  Devon females produce milk high in butterfat that rivals milking breeds and produces.  And the breed delivers with consistency.
Pictured is a rib eye steak from a 100% grass heifer that graded choice or better on all premium cuts.  This heifer was raised on a salad of summer natives and common bermuda as well as winter annual grains and clover - and did not consume a grain of feed, a drop of molasses, or a singe range cube.
Devon bull calves demonstrate high testoterone levels by age of 6 months.  Mature top selling bulls routinely achieve >90% live sperm count, dwarfing the national average and eliminating open cows at season end.
Devon heifers can calve before by the 2nd year and rebreed in 45 days. Mature cows possess the maternal ability traits of respected milking breeds including easy calving and rich milk with >4.5% butterfat, ensuring and accelerating full calf development.,
red devon cattle for sale
More on why Devon...
Check out the link to resources on the Red Devon USA web site.
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