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available fullblood seedstock

If you are looking to...
  • start your Devon herd, large or small, with heifers, bred cows, pairs, or "three-in-ones"
  • leverage Devon bull genetics to add potency, depth, docility, and vigor to improve your existing commercial herd, or to improve your registered Devon herd,
  • add top quality Devon female genetics to your existing herd
  • raise sustainable 100% grass-fed Devon beef to market for your family consumption
  • add homozygous A2A2 Devon for organic, high fat, raw milk consumption, or
...then, you are at the right place.
Our seedstock is prepotent, efficient on grass, and docile.  Each of our devon females are genetically bred to reflect unique combinations of the top American, Australian, Kiwi, and British genetics including combinations of Buckeye, Guardsman, Crooked Tree, Devonshire, Tirrana, Rotokawa, Tapuwae, and Matahaia, Fishleigh, and Lufton lines.  They are heavily influenced by American genetics that have proven successful in the Southern heat.
Our herd...
  • is handled by children,
  • have never tasted grain,
  • handle hot/humid, hot/dry, wet/cold climates
  • thrive without insecticides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals
  • are birthed and raised naturally,
  • have feminine cows... many with homozygous polled and A2 genetics, and
  • have masculine bulls! proven to breed commercial herds exceeding 50:1 ratios

what's new in 2023/2024?

We have several 1yo bulls that will soon be ready.  We have a few remaining exceptional 1-2 year old heifers influenced by a variety of hand picked genetic lines... 
What about A2A2?  Yes! We test all our offspring for A2A2 genetics.
What about polled?  Yes! Majority of our Devon are polled and many are homozygous polled.
2023/2024 for sale

 whether you are looking for quality seedstock or stocking your freezer...

even if your budget is limited... I bet we can help... give us a shout

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