available fullblood seedstock

If you are looking to...
  • start or grow your herd with heifers, bred cows, pairs, or "three-in-ones"
  • a fullblood Devon bull to improve your registered herd,
  • a fullblood Devon bull to add potency, depth, docility, and vigor to a commercial herd,
  • Devon to raise your own sustainable 100% grass-fed beef
  • homozygous A2 genetics for organic, high fat, raw milk consumption, or
  • 100% grass-fed Devon beef straight to your freezer
...you are at the right place.
Our seedstock is prepotent, efficient on grass, and docile.  Each of our devon females are genetically bred to reflect unique combinations of the top American, Australian, Kiwi, and British genetics including combinations of Buckeye, Guardsman, Crooked Tree, Devonshire, Tirrana, Rotokawa, Tapuwae, and Matahaia, Fishleigh, and Lufton lines. 
Our herd...
  • is handled by children,
  • have never tasted grain,
  • adapt to both hot & humid as well as dry dessert environments
  • thrive without dewormers, insecticides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals
  • are birthed, raised, and weaned naturally, and 
  • have proven themselves to breed commercial female herds exceeding 50:1 cow to bull ratios

what's new in 2020?

In 2019, we bred our "family favorite dams" to Lakota Little King Henry out of the British Lufton and Fieshman lines, and are looking forward to the outcome.  Given King Henry's reputation for stamping his progency, we are not surprised his calves are looking great thus far!
In 2020, we are breeding to multiple genetic lines including Lakota Little King Henry and Australian Gowen Ross Gentleman and Vix Jurasic.
2020 for sale

 whether you are looking for quality seedstock or stocking your freezer...

even if your budget is limited... I bet we can help... give us a shout